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Frequently Asked Questions [Nov. 20th, 2006|06:28 pm]
Tielan's Alternate Universes


This is something of a placeholder post for the moment, I'll be adding to this post as time goes on.

What the hells is crackerrific?

crackerrific is a community I've created as a base-point for all the Stargate Atlantis alternate universes I've been writing for the past couple of years.

The key aspect of these Alternate Universes is that the characters from Stargate Atlantis are transplanted into another universe, for example, one where they're all agents working for the CIA in counter-terrorism. They're the same characters, their personalities and dynamics remain the same - but their circumstances and situations are different.

The technical term is 'crackfic'.

Why another community?

Mostly because what I write doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else in fandom. I'm neither Sheppard/McKay nor Sheppard/Weir, and most AU communities lean heavily towards those pairings.

Also, I seem to write rather a lot of crackfic for Stargate Atlantis, and there are people who will read and respond to my crackfics but dislike my regular-universe fics (or can't as comfortably ignore my pairing and character preferences in regular-universe fiction), I figured that this might give them a place to congregate.

What AUs do you write?

The complete list of AUs is listed here, divided up by the universe in which they exist. Each link on that page links to the 'Master Post' for a story, with a header image and links to each chapter.

I tend to give my AUs nicknames according to the world they're blended with.

So Black Jewels Atlantis is my nickname for the world depicted in 'To Serve A Queen'. It has the Atlantis characters crossbred into the universe depicted in The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. Elizabeth is the Queen, her court consists of the various Atlantis characters, from Teyla as a Black Widow to Kate as a Healer.

The L'Antisse are the Atlantis characters set in Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series, with John L'Antisse, son of the Comte L'Antisse, known as 'Shepherd' to his martial fosterkin, and Teyla of the Emmagen, half-breed D'Angeline begot from an adept of the Night Court and a scion of the House of Emmagen of Iskandria.

After a while, you'll recognise the stories by their designations: 'WKoG' stands for 'Wrong Kind Of Guy' - a high school AU based on the universe depicted in shermer_high, although I've changed their definitions of the characters and the relationships.

Rule #1 of writing crackfic: don't do these things by halves.

What pairings do you write?

Whatever I feel like. Ultimately, my most common pairings are John/Teyla, Elizabeth/Ronon, and Carson/Laura Cadman - but I have been known to write everything from Teyla/Michael to Rodney/Ronon. There's an Elizabeth/Kolya in the works - we'll see how that one turns out.

May I use your ideas?

I don't have the rights to any of the 'blended' worlds. I'm not Anne Bishop, nor Jacqueline Carey, nor Joss Whedon, nor John Hughes. I didn't ask them for permission to use their worlds - although I understand that I have increased Anne Bishop's sales, if only by a handful of readers, through that series.

As such, I have no right to stop you from taking the key ideas of those worlds and transplanting your own mental view of the Atlantis characters into them.

The original ideas are more flexible. Again, I have no right to stop you from creating your own version of a universe, but if I inspired you one way or the other, I'd appreciate a nod of the head and a link. "This story was influenced bytielan's 'xxxxx'."

However, if you're going to say, "This is a continuation of story 'xxxxx' by tielan," in your author's notes, then my requirement is that you stick with the relationships and social structure as I've defined them.

When will these stories be updated?

When I have time to write between work, family, and original fiction writing. Your best hope of getting a story finished is to rec the story to your friends and leave feedback. My muse - like all muses - works better when she's being patted on the head or fed chocolate.