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The L'Antisse of Terre d'Ange - Crackerrific [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tielan's Alternate Universes

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The L'Antisse of Terre d'Ange [Dec. 3rd, 2006|04:12 pm]
Tielan's Alternate Universes



Based on the world described in Jacqueline Carey's 'Kushiel' series.

TITLE: Servant of Naamah: Virgin Price
NOTES: Another snippet written for the sga_flashfic challenge. This time, it was for the 'virgin' challenge. There was a longer story behind this, but this part seems to work adequately.

Teyla is a Servant of Naamah, daughter of a Menekhetan noble and an Adept of the Night Court. Adopted of the L'Antisse of Siovale, she must learn her own way to walk, and how she will fulfil the precept of Blessed Elua in her own way: "Love as thou wilt."