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Black Jewels Atlantis - Crackerrific [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tielan's Alternate Universes

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Black Jewels Atlantis [Dec. 2nd, 2006|04:10 pm]
Tielan's Alternate Universes


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Based on the world described in Anne Bishop's 'Black Jewels' Trilogy.

In brief: Ronan has lived in slavery for seven years, used and abused by the Queens who owned him. He swore never to willingly serve one of their kind. But when he is bought by Elizabeth Weir, the Queen of Atlantis territory, he must adjust to a new life - a life that promises honour and service - and love - he never dreamed of.

He came to her court, wary and embittered, and Elizabeth was determined that he would know his freedom. She sees the man he was born to be - a Warlord Prince with all the strength and power of his caste. And sees a man who she might claim as her Consort, if he could only trust her with his soul.


TITLE: Widow's Pique
NOTES: Prequel, unfinished. Snippet


TITLE: Ransom For A Warlord Prince
NOTES: Sequel, unfinished. Snippet 1, and continuation.